We Need Your Help To Make This Space The Playground Of Our Dreams! image

We Need Your Help To Make This Space The Playground Of Our Dreams!

$575 raised

$2,500 goal

/ 150


After 3 years
of operation, In STEPPS Academy is settling into its new home! This move means so much to our staff and our students. It gives us exactly what our school needs now and also allows us ample space to grow! One of the most exciting additions our new campus provides is spacious and fenced outside space!

We need your help to make this space the playground of our dreams! Please consider donating to our In STEPPS Academy Playground Fund which will go directly to storage space, safety improvements, and new, fun equipment.

Our first benchmark goal is $2,500. This amount will go towards storage for our equipment as the current storage space is left open to the elements and has limited space for equipment. The other item we would purchase with this money is a Coreboard. Some of our students use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices like iPads with specialized programs to communicate. AACs are beautiful tools that give individuals without spoken language access to universally understood language. A downside of AAC devices is they can be cumbersome on a playground and can be damaged easily. Coreboards provide our AAC users easy access to the necessary language they may need on the playground!

Future benchmarks plans include; new bikes, larger swings, a garden, and sensory equipment!